A head for Meina

"A Head for Meina" is Public Project for a Monumental Sculpture in Meina, Lago Maggiore, Italy. 

"A Head for Meina" Short Film was made by Itay Vinograd and presents the process of Lellouche's work on the Meina Project. click here to see the movie.

"A Head for Meina" Exhibition was presented by the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art at the Jaffa Port. 

A head for Meina
A head for MeinaA head for MeinaA head for Meina

The sculpture, a fourteen feet high bronze head, (5 meters) facing the lake, should be placed on the spot in May 2010. 
Architect: Gae Aulenti.

Models (plaster) and drawings for a monumental sculpture at Meina (Lago Magiore, Italy), for commemorating the massacre of 54 Jews in 1943. The models were made at Meina during the month of May 2008. 

From 'Heads' ,2008from 'Heads', 2008from 'Heads', 2008from 'Heads', 2008from 'Heads', 2008

Heads 2008, charcoal and water colour on paper, 50x34 cm. each 

Plaster model, 2008Plaster model, 2008Plaster model, 2008Plaster model, 2008

plaster models, 2008